InstantGMP™ Release Notes for Version 4.002.001

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InstantGMP™ Release Notes for Version 4.002.001

InstantGMP™ Release Notes for Version 4.002.001

System Release Compliance Report for v4.002.001

New Functionalities

Data Encryption and Security Measures

 The software now meets HIPPA, ePHI and GDPR Data Management requirements.

  • All data is encrypted at rest and in transit.
  • All file uploads have been changed into a “File Storage” mechanism that manages encryption in all files.
  • When protected data is uploaded, it is encrypted before being stored.
  • Users can specify which data files have protected data access. These encrypted files are only accessible to authorized users.
  • User password encryption has been updated to GDPR requirements.
  • User Information is automatically sent to a New User when first entered into Personnel. The new user must change their password before first entering the software.
  • A read-only copy of the DBADM Dashboard can be viewed on the Setup Menu.
  • A Privacy Statement indicating compliance with GDPR requirements is linked to the login screen.

Inventory Management

  • An Approved requisition can be hidden from the main Requisitions screen. When a Requisition is hidden, all corresponding Receipts are hidden. When a Requisition is unhidden, all corresponding Receipts are unhidden.
  • A Copy icon will create a duplicate of a Requisition.
  • A user can “Record Submission to Vendor” on the Requisition view screen once a requisition is approved.
  • The PDF version of the Purchase Order now has the company logo, company address, Ship To Information, Bill To information and has costs rounded to 2 places.
  • The Print icon for the PDF version of the Purchase Order now shows as soon as a requisition is created.
  • A new Checkbox on the DBADM dashboard called “Additional INV Fields” will show Micro retest date; Full retest date; Impurity retest date, MFG retest date, MFG Expiry date, Internal Expiry Date on inventory screens”.
  • Default units for all specifications are created when “Allow custom units on Specifications” is enabled.
  • The Vendor Lot # can be changed in Inventory History by a QM.
  • The “Vendor Lot #” was added to the search panel on the Inventory Management screen.

Training Log

  • Multiple documents can be added to a training group by selecting checkboxes
  • There is now a single sign on between InstantGMP and the Learning Management System.
  • Training notifications and training compliance reports will not be sent out to disabled users.
  • Documents, Equipment, Batch Records and LMS Training Records can be hidden in each user’s Training Log.
  • A Wiki is now available that links each screen in the application to training information related to the function being used.

Production Records

  • MPR design Instructions can capture a predecessor rule. During batch production, the steps affected by predecessor rules will be locked until the predecessor steps are completed.
  • Expiry Date and Bin Location have been added to the Inventory dialog in the Batch Production Record.
  • When a function is selected on the DBADM dashboard, it allows all versions of approved materials in inventory to be checked for availability before batch issuance even if only one version of the specification is in the BOM.
  • Any MTO personnel is allowed to access MTO records without being trained even when a dashboard setting requires training before a BPR can be seen.


  • Vendors and Unit Conversions are copied when Specifications are versioned up.
  • Special tags/scripts are checked prior to saving data on the HTML editor.
  • Special characters can be used in the “Reason for Change” in Create/Update Document Version in the DMS.
  • The “Issue” button is hidden when creating BPRs.
  • Projects can be assigned to Raw Materials Specifications


  • Some Deviation, Incident and Complaint Log numbers were skipped.
  • Equipment Task Report Issues:
    • When the filter for a user is selected, the task does not show up.
    • The dropdown for Activity has an action of “Status Updated”. This was removed.
    • Search for Due Date should have two dates: Due Date From and Due Date To.
  • MPR Renumbering affects Dynamic Fields when steps are not whole numbers.
  • Server Error when deleting materials with Unit Conversion.
  • Material planning Export to Excel shows numbers (code) instead of unit.
  • “Real time calculation” with the dynamic fields.
  • All roles can update the watermark and review date on documents in the DMS.
  • Error messages do not show on BPR Executed BPR Review tab.
  • Permissions not set for some Setup items.
  • SCAN buttons still present when the dashboard toggle “Scanner Integration” is off.
  • MPR does not check if material is used in a step.
  • Error when saving Dynamic Field.
  • Picklists Do Not Show in Traceability Report Once Depleted.
  • Date Dynamic Field cannot be used in a formula