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Implementation Package

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Implementation Package

Implementation Package:

Speed the Transition to Full Integration

At InstantGMP, we know the struggle of creating, transitioning, enacting new software, or adopting new ways of doing things. We want to make sure your transition to an all-in-one environment is as simple and smooth-flowing as possible.

Our popular Implementation Package provides full-team support that will help you from start to finish, rolling out the software and workflows needed for your success. Knowledgable trainers, project managers, and process consultants will work with your team to ensure your team can move forward with confidence after the changeover.


The first stage in a successful rollout of any new software or process is evaluation and planning. Our process consultants and project managers will work closely with your team to lay the groundwork for success in the first three steps of this stage:

  • Evaluating Your Existing Processes: Our seasoned consultants review your company’s current production workflows and provide any input that may help to increase efficiencies.
  • Planning the Transition: from Manual Systems to Electronic Batch Records: Making this transition is a high ROI step, but it’s not simple. Our team will provide specialized training, customized to your needs, to make sure your transition is successful.
  • Mapping Your Specific Workflow: After reviewing your processes, our team puts together a unique and specific flow to optimize the production and quality processes.

STAGE TWO: Configuration & Rollout

Once the plan is set, our project managers and trainers will dig deeper into the nuts and bolts of your processes, and then structure training paths to ensure InstantGMP supports your operation at each phase:

  • Configuring the Software to Match Current Operations: Our team will work to mirror important aspects of production and your unique nomenclature within InstantGMP™.  The ultimate goal at this stage is to make incorporating and adapting to our software as smooth as possible.
  • Creating Your Master Production Record (MPR) Templates: The first one is always the hardest! We’ll help you create the templates you will be using so you have a strong starting point.
  • Managing Import of Current Inventory: Our team will assist in importing all your current inventory and the current quantities on hand.
  • Guiding Implementation & Roll Out: Finally, we’ll help your team become integrated with the software and new workflows so your whole staff can be successful.


Implementation Package

Equipment Integration

Ensure all systems work together with available custom programming

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