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Prevent Delays & Obstacles with Integrated Specification Control

Specifications are vital in outlining quality standards, product requirements, and regulatory compliance criteria. Serving as benchmarks for product integrity and process control, specifications ensure consistency and reproducibility in manufacturing processes.
  • Automatically creates unique Specification Numbers with version control.
  • Defines precise parameters for raw materials and finished product characteristics.
  • Allows users to apply tests, methods, and specific sampling instructions.
  • Allows user-defined conversion factors for ordering in custom units.
  • Links specifications to projects and vendors.
  • Creates vendor specific instructions for ordering.
  • Sets up vendor specific terms and conditions to be added to purchase orders.

InstantGMP Specifications

Protect your Product & Business By Setting & Meeting Specifications

  • Guide and protect the manufacturing process
  • Finished product can be verified as meeting clearly defined requirements
  • Good manufacturing practices demand specifications be set and met for all active ingredients, dietary ingredients, raw materials, and packaging components
  • Failure to set specifications puts you at risk for potential regulatory actions such as an injunction

Details for All Essential Processes Can Be Set and Tracked

  • Components
  • In-process production
  • Finished batch or finished goods
  • Product received from a supplier for packaging and labeling
  • Labels and packaging for your finished products

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InstantGMP simplifies the documentation and approval procedures for quality processes. It provides inventory control, streamlines production, and elevates the overall quality of finished products while ensuring unwavering GMP compliance.

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