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InstantGMP Inventory Management

Helps pharmaceutical and healthcare organizations maintain compliance with regulatory requirements while optimizing their inventory operations

  • Enables real-time, precise tracking of inventory levels and movement for raw materials, intermediates, and finished goods.
  • Ensures regulatory compliance through traceability and documentation of inventory transactions.
  • Integrates seamlessly with Material Planning for timely availability of raw materials.
  • Incorporates user access controls to safeguard sensitive inventory data.

Improve Productivity & Traceability in Inventory Management

  • Provides All-Team Access: Ensures all team members have real-time access to inventory data from anywhere.
  • Routes Materials with Accuracy and Speed: Enables Quality Assurance, Warehouse, and Production teams to efficiently move materials through their processes.
  • Unifies Production with Material Requirements Planning (MRP): Unites production planning and purchasing for smooth production processes.
  • Monitors Inventory, Materials & Documentation: Continuously monitors inventory, materials, and documentation.
  • Implements Increased Controls with Inventory Picklists: Enhances control over inventory with inventory picklists.
  • Simplifies Receiving and Tracking: Enables partial receipts and split lots to simplify receiving and tracking processes.
  • Speeds Operations with Barcode Scanning: Increases operational efficiency by implementing barcode scanning.
  • Achieves Uniformity and Traceability: Ensures uniformity and traceability of all inventory items at every stage through real-time integrated records.
  • Implements Advanced Material Control: Ensures only approved materials are used in batch lot production through advanced material control measures.

Streamlined Inventory Management

  • Smooth Production

    Unites all production planning & purchasing activities with Material Requirements Planning (MRP)

  • Easy-to-monitor & Manage

    Traceable, real-time status and searchable inventory with documentation organization and practical functions

  • Save Time & Increase Controls

    Picklists reduce steps with organization, fast access to information, and provide built-in compliance

  • Simplify Receiving & Tracking With Partial Receipts & Split Lots

    Keep track of inventory with automatically generated receipts and splitting a lot is simple

  • Barcode Scanning

    Reduce errors and speed operations

  • Prepare Shipments

    Shipping Manifest function provides many ways to prepare shipments and significantly reduce errors

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InstantGMP simplifies the documentation and approval procedures for quality processes. It provides inventory control, streamlines production, and elevates the overall quality of finished products while ensuring unwavering GMP compliance.

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