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Splitting inventory receipts into multiple receipts enhances traceability, flexibility, and efficiency in material handling and inventory management processes.
  • Improved Traceability: By generating multiple receipts for one material, it becomes easier to track and trace each portion of the material as it moves through the inventory and production processes. This enhances transparency and accountability within the system.
  • Flexible Material Handling: Users have the flexibility to accept all, some, or none of a material, depending on their specific requirements. This flexibility allows for better management of inventory levels and ensures that only the required amount of material is utilized.
  • Enhanced Inventory Management: Splitting receipts enables more accurate inventory management by providing detailed records of how materials are utilized and distributed. This helps in preventing overstocking or stockouts and optimizing inventory levels.
  • Efficient Resource Allocation: With the ability to split receipts, resources can be allocated more efficiently based on production demands. This ensures that materials are used effectively, minimizing waste and improving overall operational efficiency.
  • Compliance and Audit Trail: Generating multiple receipts creates a comprehensive audit trail, which is essential for compliance purposes. It provides documented evidence of material usage and helps in demonstrating regulatory compliance during audits.

Flexibility and Efficiency with Split-lot Receipts

  • Requisitioned materials will show up on the Pending Receipt sub-menu item
  • Once the edit button is clicked, users can elect to accept all, some, or none of a material
  • From the Inventory Management overview screen, users can further split the lots. Together with the barcode scanning feature that allows users to print out and affix labels to materials, splitting lots are streamlined
  • Once the material is partially received, it is tracked via multiple system-generated receipts for complete traceability
  • Additionally, users can quickly split lots from the sidebar
  • Within Inventory History, users can view the entire journey a material takes when the lot is split

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