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Streamline Interaction & Approvals

Vendor Management functions will let a user manage vendor statuses, vendor activities, vendor campaigns and engage in on-line collaborations of document reviews with vendors and other external users.
  • Vendor Management Campaigns can be used to create and record a group of activities that can be configured to provide a process for managing a vendor.
  • Campaigns can work with attachments or with the embedded HTML editor where images and other features can be imported.
  • Guided workflows, integrated forms, and autonomous operations coupled with off-line signatures guide the process.

Vendor Management

At-A-Glance Activity View

  • Collaborative online environment enables sharing, review, and approvals between internal users and the “External User”
  • Contractors or suppliers have access only to their Vendor Management Activities
  • Vendors have limited access so they can edit, review, and approve forms assigned to them
  • From one tabbed screen, designated internal users can access the Vendor Details as well as their status, type, and all campaigns and activities
  • Vendor Management allows you to set status and restrict purchases for vendors (active, qualified, non-qualified, in-process, in-review, in-approval, verified)
  • Campaigns hold all the documents and activities between you and your Vendor. Ex: audits, qualifications, quality agreements, NDAs, inspections, or contracts. View the status as well as the responsible person for that campaign.
  • Documents & Ad hoc records have hyperlinked access to all final forms and documents, along with complete records of approvals and dates

Preloaded with Quality Forms

  • Full set of quality activity forms

    All forms completely editable and designed to meet the needs of all biotech and biopharmaceutical manufacturers

  • Full Form Library

    Start with forms from the default list provided, or create your own.

  • Flexible Views

    Choose to work in form view, or switch to html to adjust the form’s finished appearance

  • Change Tracking

    Versions are saved uniquely and tracked as individual editors make changes; all versions can be viewed by other editors until all are satisfied.

  • Email Prompts

    E-Mail reminders act as prompts for vendor management activities such as editing, action items, review, and approval. Once approved, PDF versions of forms are sent to reviewers.

  • Traceability

    After final sign-off, each form is automatically assigned a unique number and added to the Document Management System, along with a record of approvers and reviewers and relevant dates for future traceability.

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