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InstantGMP INV puts complete inventory management and tracking control at your teams’ fingertips. Designed specifically for Biopharmaceutical and Biotech companies, new features of this software allows you real-time access from all areas of your operation, reducing the opportunity for mistakes, optimizing usage and minimizing risk.

InstantGMP™ INV
InstantGMP™ INV



The InstantGMP INV inventory module keeps all the information related to your materials and vendors in one place. No more looking through paper logs or various computer files, no more duplicate orders or incorrect counts and confusion. Even better—it’s designed with the budget of the small-to-midsize manufacturer in mind, so you save now, and have the tools to increase profitability, too.



Whether you’re not quite ready to make the complete transition to electronic batch records, or you just need instant accountability of your inventory, you’ll benefit from this streamlined easy-to-use solution. InstantGMP is fully validated to comply with all FDA requirements, 21 CFR Part 11, and GAMP 5. Our team is here to answer your questions and help advise you on the right solution for your operation’s needs. Contact us to schedule a consultation.

No more digging through invoices and cross-matching production records.

  • All materials that are entered in the software are assigned a receipt number that accompanies the item throughout the entire life cycle of the goods.
  • Each part number will have a separate receipt and vendor lot number each time it is entered into the system, allowing for complete traceability of all items based on vendor lot numbers.
  • In the unlikely event of a lot recall, one can find all materials associated with the lot with one report.

Easily review, manage and track materials from any location.

  • Materials can be assigned a location on a shelf or in a new plant location by simply changing bin locations, and can be assigned for use in specific projects from the inventory module.
  • By choosing any receipt in the inventory module, a complete history of the item is displayed from the moment the material is received to the last use of the item.
  • If a receipt needs to be split into several new receipts for assignment or use, this is easily carried out in the inventory module.
  • Once a material reaches a zero-remaining quantity, the complete history is moved to the depleted inventory module. Any material that has ever been used in the system will be stored in the system for future reference.

No more hassles with filing paper records related to each receipt of goods.

  • There are options in both the Material Receipt page and Inventory History page to attach items such as a CoA, a CoC or any other file.
  • Once attached, these items are part of the permanent history of the material and can easily be pulled up for reference at any time.

Keep track of all your equipment and their statuses.

  • Record every use or change of status or location in a permanent equipment log.
  • Schedule recurring activities such as cleaning or PM.
  • Automatic status changes for equipment past grace periods and due dates.
  • Receive e-mail notifications when actions are needed.
  • All materials enter in inventory as quarantined in order to prevent the use of non-released materials.
  • Release specifications are available in the inventory module at the click of a button, allowing QA to easily review the specification and release the material to use.

The inventory module integrates with barcode scanning—helping to eliminate the possibility of errors that stem from choosing the incorrect receipt number.

  • A barcode has preset information on it, or it can be designed for the needs of a customer. The inventory will print barcodes for materials based on the receipt number.
  • With a quick scan of the receipt number, the material is placed in the appropriate location without the need for choice.
  • Bar codes can be used in several other modules allowing ease of use throughout the system.

Material Requirements Planning alerts your team when orders need to be placed, removing the worry of not having supplies on hand when needed for production.

  • Simply enter in the alert and minimum reorder levels and a report will show when the materials need to be reordered and the recommended amount to replace.
  • If picklists are used to pull materials and plan production ahead of time, planner can also be set up to automatically create requisitions for operators to approve and to calculate for the expected lead time for materials.

At-a-glance view of each room’s status through a centralized room summary page

  • The Room Logs feature provides alerts and drill-down capabilities.
  • Simplified management of cleaning, inspections and other activities.
  • Scheduled system alerts and reminders for upcoming due dates.
  • Automatic status changes for rooms past grace periods and due dates.


Instantgmp Barcode Scanning Capability

Barcode Scanning Capability

InstantGMP™ INV

Bin Locations

InstantGMP™ INV

Equipment Log

InstantGMP™ INV


Instantgmp Split Lot Receipts

Split Lot Receipts

InstantGMP™ INV

Room Log

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