What Should We Do to Start Implementing InstantGMP Software?

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What Should We Do to Start Implementing InstantGMP Software?

Get started with InstantGMP Software, you should confirm the processes that will be changed for the InstantGMP software. You can write up a plan and request a review with your InstantGMP trainer to ensure the necessary information will be entered correctly the first time. The training materials and videos can be used to show some examples of how other companies in your industry may have implemented this software.

To set up your customer instance, you need to go through several steps. The initial training is provided to your quality manager, who can delegate parts of the setup process.  InstantGMP trainers can instruct your quality personnel on system use. The initial task of adding material should be assigned to someone familiar with the current stock in the warehouse.  At the same time, someone in the organization can set up equipment and facility logs. You add the materials to the system using the import function in the software, where all the necessary information is transferred to InstantGMP to generate the material list. To complete the setup, specifications for each material are required.  If you have specifications for all the materials in another software, you can choose to attach these files to complete the specification, allowing the process to move forward quickly and easily.

Another part involves creating managed documents to get started with InstantGMP Software. The documents that were part of the current system have to be revised and approved by you as these are entered into the system. Additionally, all your specification documents must be input into the system if you rely on your legacy specification system. This can be the most significant and most time-consuming part of the process, and you should have a dedicated group of personnel to complete these tasks. Your project manager or your InstantGMP trainer can take the lead to assign tasks and ensure associates understand how to use the InstantGMP inventory and document management system.

To move from paper records to fully compliant electronic records, all the setup has to be completed before preparing master production records and batch production records. It would be best if you prioritized the setup of the modules before beginning to create master records. Once the setup and the import of inventory are finished, you can focus on creating master records. When masters are completed, you will be ready to begin production with electronic batch records.