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Using a picklist in manufacturing streamlines order fulfillment processes, ensuring accurate and efficient picking of materials for production, thereby reducing errors and optimizing workflow.
  • Provides a Picklist feature to select specific receipts of a material from inventory.
  • Includes functionality for selecting required materials from inventory and allocating them to a specific Batch Production Record.
  • Establishes workflows to track individual process steps from generating a Picklist to depleting the materials for that Picklist.
  • Displays the status of each Picklist on a summary screen, including Generated, In-Process, Dispensing, Dispensed, and Depleted.
  • Tracks the lot number of each receipt to the Batch and Production numbers associated with the Picklist.
  • Defines minimum and maximum quantities for each Picklist material and indicates if quantities fall within or outside the defined range.
  • Allows returned Picklist materials to be restocked.
  • Maintains a history of Dates, Actions, Approvers, and dispensed quantities for each receipt.
  • Updates quantity dispensed, Approver, and date information on both the Batch Production Record (BPR) and Picklist as materials are used in a BPR.
  • Allows personnel to reserve inventory for a batch to prevent materials from being used elsewhere.
  • Ensures inventory is tied to a specific batch for accurate tracking and allocation.

Picklist Benefits

  • Efficiency

    • A BPR cover page auto-populates with information from the MPR including picked items
    • Barcoded scanner to scan material labels & then record the weight.
    • Guarantees both the right materials & amounts are picked
  • Organization

    • Individual picklists are tied to projects (a pre-production step) connecting the picklist to the batch
    • Picklist overview screens keep your team in the know
    • Users can add their own production numbers for tracking
  • Quality

    • Users must apply their Part 11-compliant digital signature at every major step
    • Only QA-approved inventory can be dispensed
  • Simplicity

  • Traceability

    • Every Picklist item is tied to a Material ID, Vendor Lot, Receipt & Batch Number
    • Records are automatically created in the inventory history screen as items are dispensed
    • Dispensed materials have forward & backward traceability to the batches where they were used

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