InstantGMP Application Programming Interface (API)

The API serves as a bridge between InstantGMP and other software systems, facilitating seamless communication and interaction. It provides a standardized way for applications to access data from InstantGMP in real-time.
  • API Endpoint: InstantGMP hosts the data that are exposed as API endpoints. This endpoint acts as a gateway for other applications to access the data.
  • Request: The requesting application sends a request to the API endpoint, specifying the type of data it wants and any parameters required for the request.
  • Authentication: In many cases, the requesting application needs to authenticate itself to access the API. This ensures that only authorized applications can access the data.
  • Data Retrieval: Upon receiving the request, the API processes it and retrieves the requested data from the database.
  • Data Formatting: The retrieved data is typically formatted according to a standardized format such as JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) or XML (eXtensible Markup Language) to make it easily understandable and usable by the requesting application.
  • Response: The API sends back the formatted data as a response to the requesting application.
  • Data Integration: The requesting application can then integrate the retrieved data into its own system, process it further, or display it to the end-users as needed.

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