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InstantGMP™ PRO

All-in-one Manufacturing, Inventory And Quality Software

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Innovative, Paperless, Interactive, FDA Compliant

Batch Manufacuring Record Software

InstantGMP PRO was built on a Quality by Design approach as a cloud-based batch manufacturing record system that is integrated with inventory and quality management. The built-in workflows cover all of the production processes starting at setting raw material specifications to ending at shipping to a distribution center. InstantGMP PRO allows GMP regulated manufacturing to be done efficiently because quality rules are hard-coded into the application. The net result is higher quality, in a shorter time, since quality is part of the application design, rather than end inspection. GMP compliance is assured because of our Quality by Design approach to manufacturing and quality software.

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Big System Capability.

Little Price.

InstantGMP PRO is a innovative, interactive, GMP compliant software. It is described as “Big System Capability, Little Price”, as our software is very affordable for small-to-midsize manufacturers of biotech, dietary supplements, CBD, hemp and pharmaceuticals. InstantGMP PRO also comes pre-loaded with Standard Operating Procedures that can be hyperlinked throughout the system.


We know that transitioning from paper-based or spreadsheet-based quality systems to an all-in-one manufacturing and quality software can be daunting. That’s why we provide an Implementation Package, to help you make a smooth transition to an electronic software solution. Our team of software trainers will manage the software’s deployment in your environment and take you from zero to full implementation with InstantGMP PRO.

InstantGMP PRO is pre-validated to comply with Part 11, GAMP 5 and the FDA requirements for computer validation. Since the software is hosted and validated in the cloud, users will not be required to do their own validation. Customization and Integration services are available to make this product work with your other software and to handle the processes specific to your production environment.

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Eliminates excess paperwork, and minimizes human error in quality control and batch tracking. The software captures, tracks and links records of each activity and employee in the production process from start to finish.

Reduces many of the time-consuming and labor intensive aspects of production, tracking, facility management, record-keeping and training, helping you stay compliant with Good Manufacturing Practices more easily and effectively.

Facilitates and guides your operation through the full scope of GMP requirements ensuring you’re in compliance with everything from production processes, to record keeping, to complaint and recall management.

Streamlines record-keeping, production stages and tracking so you have less paperwork to manage, less risk, and less employee time wasted on duplicate efforts. Your team will have, at their fingertips, exactly what they need to manage each stage of the process.

Improves and controls quality and efficiency at each stage of production, with the help of electronic records that guide production steps and are accessible from any connected location.

Eliminates time consuming delays or duplicate record keeping by giving your whole team real-time integrated access to the system from every location. Alerts, updates and any changes (once approved by authorized team members) are immediately available.

Maximizes your production uptime, as well as reducing the time and cost of setting up and monitoring GMP compliant workflows, because fully FDA-compliant, structured and interactive workflows are built in.


InstantGMP™ PRO

Batch Production Records

InstantGMP™ PRO

Master Production Records

Instantgmp Inventory Management

Inventory Management

InstantGMP™ PRO

Quality Management

InstantGMP™ PRO

Document Management

Instantgmp Barcode Scanning Capability

Barcode Scanning Capability

InstantGMP™ PRO

Bin Locations

InstantGMP™ PRO


InstantGMP™ PRO

BPR Field & Formula Configurator

InstantGMP™ PRO

Scale Integration

Instantgmp Split Lot Receipts

Split Lot Receipts

InstantGMP™ PRO

Scale Up Down Calculator

InstantGMP™ PRO

QuickBooks Data Transfer

InstantGMP™ PRO

Room Logs

InstantGMP™ PRO

Equipment Log

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Contact Jeremy Hall at 919-645-1073.

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Contact Robert Pochadt at 919-645-1072.

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