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Streamlined Equipment Management with Equipment Log Module

The Equipment Log module offers a comprehensive solution for efficient equipment management, providing users with streamlined processes and enhanced visibility. With the ability to view equipment status and manage calibration and maintenance tasks from a single screen, users can make informed decisions quickly.
  • Provides a list of all equipment, their status, and summary information on a single screen.
  • Manages the calibration and preventative maintenance (PM) of each equipment.
  • Records calibration, PM, and other activities directly and from within batch production records (BPRs).
  • Creates and prints equipment labels, calibration labels, and PM labels.
  • Uses bar code scanners to identify equipment and open relevant screens.
  • Controls equipment availability for use based on status.
  • Automatically changes equipment status when out-of-PM or out-of-Calibration date occurs.
  • Sends automatic reminders of Calibration and/or Maintenance to selected users.
  • Automatically updates the Equipment Activity Log with corresponding activity when equipment is used in a BPR.
  • Integrates documents with the Document Manager.
  • Shows the “change location” of the equipment under the Equipment Log History, adding a location column to log history.
  • Requires a signature and a “Reason” for documenting location changes.
  • Notifies QA when a review is needed..
  • Allows each piece of equipment to be designated as non-GMP.
  • Allows non-GMP equipment to be used in MPRs and BPRs.

Efficient Equipment Task Management with Equipment Task Scheduler

The Equipment Task Scheduler empowers users to efficiently manage equipment-related tasks such as calibration and cleaning, offering enhanced organization and productivity. It facilitates task scheduling with automated notifications and supports ad hoc document uploads for each activity.
  • Schedules tasks such as equipment calibration, cleaning, or other activities.
  • Sends notifications to multiple users, preset to specific days before scheduled tasks.
  • Users can upload ad hoc documents or files into each activity within the log.
  • Creates deviation or incident automatically if a task surpasses its due date.
  • Enables tasks to be scheduled on repeating cycles (e.g., daily, weekly, monthly, annually).

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