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Online Training Guides Staff From Beginner to Certified User

The Learning Management System (LMS) autonomously manages training activities, enhances trainee experience and reduces administrative burden. Supervisors effortlessly create and assign training tasks to new staff, who progress through predefined curricula, with quizzes and certificates ensuring documented progression. The system automatically updates training logs and uploads certificates upon completion, promoting smooth transitions to production roles. Customizable training programs are easily created and accessed, ensuring compliance with FDA and GMP guidelines.
  • Onboard and Train: Quickly and effectively onboard and train new employees, and keep existing employees up-to-date with procedures and protocols.
  • Maximize Trainee Experience: Autonomous processes keep training activities moving to maximize trainees’ experience.
  • Automate Training Assignments: Supervisors create training assignments that are automatically assigned to new staff without requiring additional supervisor involvement.
  • Follow Predefined Curricula: New employees complete online training curricula in a predefined order.
  • Ensure Progression: Quizzes and certificates ensure and document progression.
  • Automatic Updates: Completed training is logged and automatically updated, and certificates are uploaded into personal records.
  • Customizable Training: Convenient, intuitive, customizable online training designed to meet FDA and GMP guidelines.

Convenient, Intuitive, Customizable Online Training

  • Easy Organization

    Create custom training programs and curricula through either InstantGMP or the LMS, which can be automatically imported and incorporated.

  • Simple Online Training

    Intuitive online access to training and progress reports is available by email or directly through InstantGMP.
  • Defined Learning Paths

    Training can be performed in a predefined sequence; incorporating quizzes, certifications, and automatic updates to a user’s training log.

  • Automatic Updates

    Updates to training logs and certifications are done automatically in real time to help companies stay FDA-compliant with minimal overhead.
  • Training Tracking

    The System keeps track of everything to ensure that supervisors don’t have to take time away from their duties to conduct training.
  • Savings

    Learning Management saves companies time and money while boosting productivity.

Meet Our Partner ENTRENAR.SE

Entrenar.se is a cloud-based training platform that endeavors to be the leading Learning Management System (LMS) in Corporate, Continuing Medical Education, and Adult Education and training. With over a decade of experience delivering training to hundreds of thousands of people in companies from all industries, Entrenar.se allows companies to deploy effective and impressive training presentations without breaking the bank.

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