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Dynamic Fields are customizable fields that empower users to create data entry fields and formulas in Master Production Records (MPRs), enabling real-time calculations, quality checks, and streamlined decision-making in Batch Production Record (BPR) manufacturing instructions.

  • Creates custom entry fields and formulas in MPRs.
  • Builds and displays selection lists/drop-down boxes for data entry.
  • Shows custom data, system data, or information for each manufacturing step in BPRs.
  • Displays the results of high-level calculations within and between manufacturing steps.
  • Prompts team members to check data and display messages for “if otherwise” actions during production.

Essential Variables in Customized Dynamic Fields

  • System Attributes from the Cover Page

    • Amount/Primary Container
    • Batch Size
    • Number of Containers
    • Primary Container
    • Product Strength
    • Theoretical Batch Yield
  • System Attributes from the Manufacturing Step

    • Fill Weight Required
    • Step (Step Sequence)
    • Target
    • Min
    • Max
    • Range
    • Weight Record

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