Why Top-Notch Customer Support is Key to GMP Success

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Why Top-Notch Customer Support is Key to GMP Success

We at InstantGMP have valued customer support since our inception in 2004. Three premises have remained true:

  • The Code of Federal Regulations (“CFR”) is enforced
  • The quality of customer user experience varies directly with the quality of support
  • One purchases the expertise of a company along with the purchase of the software

Over time, we have come up with a three-phase service platform for our customers: 

  • Initial Software Training—a structured curriculum for the selected products. Training can be virtual via Zoom, in person per request, or using online training videos …..and we insist it is fully completed
  • Implementation Assistance—combining our expertise with that of customer users. Implementation expedites advanced or deadline-driven configuration tasks (specialized workflows, creation of Master Production Records, writing custom reports, etc.) using the included optimization tools
  • Ongoing Support—in addition to issuing periodic software upgrades, we’re there to answer questions and manage support events. We train (and retrain, as needed) added users free of charge.  We also visit customers in person to provide ongoing guidance.

The net result of this program is that many of our customers have purchased additional users and even additional site licenses. And we get referrals……sometimes from years past.  

Here are our support leaders, each with their own version of experience and expertise, and how their role supports our customers and our industries as a whole:

Brandy Irons

Brandy Irons is our Sr. Tech Support and Training Manager. Her education and background is Chemical and Process Engineering (BSchE).  Prior to InstantGMP, Brandy implemented and used our PRO software at one of our FDA regulated formulating customers, building products used worldwide. During her stint, she helped connect integrations, and made extensive use of the PRO configuration tools to adapt workflows and create new products.  

Kate Martel

Kate Martel is our Training and Technical Support Manager. Kate brings a unique combination of expertise in both informatics and healthcare (RN, MSN-Healthcare IT) to our team. Kate worked closely with Brandy at their previous company in all PRO related software projects. Together, Kate and Brandy continue their collaborative professional relationship to assist our new and existing customers in implementation, training, and ongoing support. 

Jeremy Hall

Jeremy Hall is entrusted with a twofold role encompassing technical sales and account management at InstantGMP. Holding a degree in chemistry, Jeremy has dedicated the last seven years to the pharmaceutical industry. His firsthand involvement in manufacturing and quality processes equips him with a distinct perspective on the challenges faced by our clients. Jeremy plays a crucial role in enabling both existing and potential clients to grasp the advantages offered by an electronic system. 



Emily Kuykendall

Emily Kuykendall is our Sr. Account Manager. Emily brings consulting and project management experience from RTP pharmaceutical services firms. Emily sets up new customers and checks on the progress of implementations. She is especially involved with our user companies who require revised implementation, additional training, and an expanding operational footprint.