What Is The All-In-One Software Solution For Good Manufacturing Practices?

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What Is The All-In-One Software Solution For Good Manufacturing Practices?

Bottle samples in a lab where InstantGMP Pro is used for Good Manufacturing Practices.

The switch from paper-based systems to electronic systems was a major advancement for the manufacturing, packaging, distribution and wholesale industries. Gone were the days of physically writing and storing the various documents associated with Good Manufacturing Practices. However, this much-welcome advancement presented a new set of challenges such as software training, determining which software is necessary, and cost. This last matter was the biggest challenge for many as each step in the documentation process involved purchasing a specific, standalone software designed for an individual segment. Then there are the matters of compatibility with other software, integration issues, and efficiency. Recognizing the need for a solution, InstantGMP™ developed all-in-one software that does the work of multiple programs.

These are just a few of the many modules found in InstantGMP™ PRO all-in-one GMP software:

Electronic Batch Records

Designed to support compliance with GMP requirements, our Electronic Batch Records (EBR) module not only simplifies the process for both Master Production Records (MPR) and Batch Production Records (BPR) from development to production, it also provides greater quality control, improves workflow management, increases safety, and makes it easier to identify individual MPRs and BPRs. A user-friendly summary screen allows operators to easily access, view, track and update the project synopsis, materials information, documents, testing process results, and manufacturing instructions for an MPR or BPR. Additional benefits include step-by-step guidance for accuracy, materials picklists, and prompts that highlight missing action items. Plus, the EBR module includes an Equipment Scheduler that notifies operators when it’s time to clean, calibrate or perform maintenance on equipment to limit downtime and increase productivity.

Quality Management System

Graphic depicting the modules in InstantQMS, Quality Management System










Developed by a team of quality and regulatory experts, our Quality Management System (QMS) module makes it easier for pharmaceutical, biotech, and dietary supplement industries to perform quality assurance activities and control documentation involved with data collection for deviation tracking, root cause identification, and investigations. With the QMS, operations benefit from full compliance with all regulations, increased quality assurance, and a reduction in errors. Standout features include a Deviation Log that manages and tracks deviations for investigations, a CAPA Log that localizes all CAPA-related actions, a Change Control Log that collects and tracks all change process information, and a Vendor Management portal where operations and their vendors can edit, approve and store documents and contracts. Part of our all-in-one software, it is also available as InstantQMS™, a stand-alone software.

Specification Control

Part of the Quality Management System module in our all-in-one software and our InstantQMS™stand-alone software, Specifications Control helps Biotech, Medical Device, Dietary Supplement, E-Liquid and Pharmaceutical manufacturers manage the required specifications for verifying the identity of incoming raw materials and outgoing finished goods. Specification Control can automatically assign a sequential version number when a specification is associated with a material part number, apply Retestand Expiry Periods for each version of a specification, and add Vendor Information to each specification for tracking. It identifies tests, methods and acceptance limits and sampling plans for safety requirements. Plus, it gives manufacturers the ability to use different versions of a Material Specification simultaneously in distinct Master Production Records & Device Master Records.

Document Management System

Completely integrated with all InstantGMP™ PRO software modules, the Document Management System gives manufacturers the ability to easily store, organize and secure access to every file, record and video associated with production processes. Designed to link documents across various production processes, our DMS module allows users to quickly locate documents for review, updates and approvals. Standout features include, but are not limited to, document hyperlinks in MPRs and BPRs, one-click Batch Record updates, detailed document history annotated with names, dates and change specifics, and notifications for reviewing, editing and approving documents.

Inventory Management System

Proper inventory management is essential for maintaining accuracy, quality, profitability and compliance. Our Inventory Management module supports all four of these vital matters by tracing, monitoring and recording every part of the inventory process from ordering materials to the production of finished products. The interface gives everyone involved in the inventory and production process access to real-time inventory data for accurate materials traceability and production control. A built-in Materials Requirement Planning (MRP) feature collects and organizes all materials planning and purchasing information to ensure accurate inventory counts, reduce inventory and purchase order errors, and avoid production interruptions. This module is also available as InstantGMP™ INV, a stand-alone software that is ideal for Biopharmaceutical and Biotech firms.

Learning Management System

InstantGMP™ PRO all-in-one software eliminates the dependency on multiple stand-alone software – but operations personnel still need to be trained to use specific or multiple modules. The good news is that our all-in-one software also features a Learning Management System (LMS) that makes training existing team members and onboarding new hires more efficient and economical. In collaboration with Entrenar.se, a cloud-based training platform, the LMS assigns individuals specific coursework that includes training videos, quizzes and certifications that are uploaded in employee files upon successful completion.

Electronic systems are essential to manufacturers. Each individual piece of software ensures compliance and accuracy, organizes, stores and secures documents, controls inventory, and trains team members. Instead of relying on multiple stand-alone software to create your system, InstantGMPTM PRO provides you with every piece of necessary software all in one manufacturing and quality solution.

InstantGMPTM PRO is ready to help your company succeed in every step of the manufacturing process. Schedule a demo with InstantGMPTM to learn more about how every of your company can benefit from our all-in-one software.