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Connecting with current and future InstantGMP Vape customers at Vapor World Expo has certainly been the highlight of our trip so far! With about 110 exhibitors, we won’t get to everyone, but we hope our message of quality and using Good Manufacturing Practices for e-liquids will spread. We caught up with NicQuids, NicVape, EctoWorld, and Sheila at QVape Juice who was recently interviewed on WRAL about the importance of e-liquid quality and impending FDA regulations.

FDA regulations were a huge part of the panel discussion, “E-Cigarettes Today and Tomorrow”. The consensus was that more research is needed on the FDA’s part and that they were operating on assumptions and not research. However, industry leaders agree that by embracing the spirit behind the regulations, quality, and safety, they can work with the FDA.  We think Linc Williams of AEMSA summed it up perfectly, ” . . . if you’re not looking at GMP, you are going to be behind the eight-ball”.

We are looking forward to Day Two! Please contact us if you want to schedule a meeting.

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