Pennsylvania Vape Tax “A Catastrophe”

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Pennsylvania Vape Tax “A Catastrophe”

Legislators in Pennsylvania recently passed a $1.3-billion revenue package at the expense of e-cigarettes. The 40% wholesale tax on e-cigarettes, e-liquids, and vaping devices is upsetting many local shops. The deal, signed by Governor Tom Wolf, is an extension of a current wholesale tax on roll-your-own tobacco.

Michael Curry is the owner of Life Smoke Vapors and comments that most shops aren’t equipped to handle such a huge tax burden on their current inventory. While the tax is ultimately passed on to consumers, he’s worried that it will dissuade people from purchasing traditional tobacco alternatives.

Doctors and the American Cancer Society are supportive of the new taxes. The American Cancer Society hopes that the prices will deter people from smoking and vaping.

Smoking is popular amongst York County citizens. An estimated 21% of adults are smokers, and the vape tax would help them quit and perhaps might stop a new generation of smokers from starting. While smoking and use of traditional tobacco have been linked to disease and high healthcare costs, it remains to be seen what long-term effects come from vaping and e-cigarette use.

E-cigarettes have been fighting a public image war from their inception and have struggled to demonstrate positive effects, but they are an excellent way for smokers to quit. The tax comes as e-cigarette companies are wondering how they will comply with the deeming vape tax that went into effect on August 8th, 2016.

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