The Fit’s The Thing…………Why Configurable MES Fit Matters in Manufacturing Systems

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The Fit’s The Thing…………Why Configurable MES Fit Matters in Manufacturing Systems

The dynamic manufacturing management software industry continues to evolve. The demands of users increase as technology progresses. Manufacturing execution systems have added many capabilities since their debut in the late ‘70’s, especially in configuration. This was once done by customizing the system source code. Developers have since created better designs to allow changes in operation.

Let’s compare……

One of the most recent to appear is low/no code design (L/NC). This might provide ease of change in theory. It makes sense for some applications. For others, especially for those requiring greater critical detail, as in regulated industries, L/NC provides limited capabilities. There is also a heightened security risk when end users are handed modification rights without vigorous control (this is mandatory in the CFR’S).

A better approach is to use advanced configuration tools. We at InstantGMP provide a two-step scenario. The first utilizes our domain expertise to create a more effective change process by design.  For example, repurposing the many resource requirements in a master batch record can efficiently create entirely new entries.  We then add a toolkit that performs calculations and formats additional production data entry. Together they will provide more recording agility and utility within the manufacturing process.


Some Complementary Capabilities Developed for our InstantGMP Manufacturing Execution Systems

  • We’ve designed our systems with layout and tools (barcode-driven resourcing and audited transaction approvals, etc.) that expedite a wide range of event data capture.
  • InstantGMP systems are built to connect operations by accessing data across applications; for example, it’s easy to see the status and activity for equipment in the Equipment Log from the electronic batch record
  • InstantGMP also provides notification of events and responsibilities (a document to read and understand, maintenance needing completion, etc.); InstantGMP also groups materials and teams with projects that allow separate tracking for private labeling, etc.
  • Costing in InstantGMP covers materials, labor, departmental costs, testing costs, and is highly configurable to include other costed activities.
  • Total Expert Support… We at InstantGMP are experienced to the person in systems and our domain; we can offer implementation support for those who need assistance with startup or advanced workflows.


Benefits You can Realize with InstantGMP Manufacturing Execution Systems

  • Reduced implementation time
  • Lower total cost of ownership and extended “usecycle”
  • Less general IT involvement
  • Smoother upgrades and revisions
  • Faster, less costly production operation overall