The Significance of Our Name: A Closer Look at InstantGMP

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The Significance of Our Name: A Closer Look at InstantGMP

How Our Name Reflects Our Commitment to Good Manufacturing Practice (GMPs)

At InstantGMP Inc., we pride ourselves on our products and services out-of-the-box readiness and effectiveness in many regulated industries. Here’s why:

  • Our software design incorporates the workflows as described in the CFRs. No additional modification or consulting is needed to ensure compliance.
  • Previous GMP experience is not required to run the software.  The built-in rules drive this; follow them for full Good Manufacturing Practice (GMPs) by the book. 
  • We provide Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) documents that are key to a complete GMP quality system. We offer several sets of SOPs that are immediately actionable, derived directly from the guidelines. This saves the time required to write and verify them from scratch.    
  • All of our software is validated in-house according to these standards:
    • 21 CFR part 11: Electronic Documentation and Electronic Signatures
    • Good Automated Manufacturing Practice (GAMP 5)
    • ISO 9001, ISO 13485 (Medical Devices)
    • (EMEA) Guidelines to Good Manufacturing Practice (GMPs) – Annex 11
    • FDA: General Principles of Software Validation
    • Done by a proprietary, automated process for efficiency and minimal human error. 
  • We provide a guided path of services to GMP operation
    • Training is included in our license model
    • Experienced personnel provide hands-on support
    • Implementation services are available to support in-house resources   
    • Configurability by design to repurpose and realign work steps, formulas, workflows, etc., are already entered for extended use
  • Affordable license plans without compromising regulatory performance in our software and services  

Give us a few of your own “instants” so we can have the right GMP plan for you.