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MPR Training Part 1: Introduction and Overview

Now that you have had some exposure to the program, it is time to start developing the Master Production Record. The video playlist will help you through each step of the way.  After making an MPR, you will move on to creating a Batch Production Record.

This first video will present an overview of the creation of a Master Production Record and the prerequisites for creating an MPR.

MPR Training Part 2: Creating a Master Production Record

In this video, we will discuss the details of how to create a Master Production Record.

MPR Training Part 3: Manufacturing Instructions in an MPR

This video will focus on creating manufacturing instructions in a Master Production Record

Scalability Feature for Master Production Records

This video will demonstrate the scale up/down feature in a master production record. A new MPR to be created from another MPR where the batch size can be changed. The software will calculate the new quantities of each of the materials based on the change of batch size.


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