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These videos will introduce you to the software functionalities and walk you through the steps for creating a Master Production Record.

This training video presents the GMP process flow for the steps required to prepare a Master Production Record in InstantGMP. The flow starts with defining the materials needed for production and for the materials to be produced. Each material has to have approved specifications that are managed by the software. Materials to be produced can be organized into Projects. The techniques for creating Projects are described.

This is the second video that describes the GMP workflow needed to create a Master Production Record. This video describes the creation of the Cover Page, Bill of Materials, Equipment List, Document List and In-Process Steps.

This is the third of three training videos that describe the GMP process for creating Master Production Records. This video shows the detailed steps for creating instructions that production operators will follow when a Batch Production Record is generated from the Master Production Record. Instructions for creating customized fields and formulas using Dynamic Fields are included.

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