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Now that you have created and issued an MPR, a Batch Production Record will be needed for each batch manufactured. In this workflow, you will write your BPR and put it into inventory. This playlist will take you through the end of training. An optional set of videos are available in Advanced Topics.

To follow along, click on the instructions used for this video:

InstantGMP Training Video Table of Contents:

1. Orientation

1.1 Orientation Parts 1-3

2. MES Overview

2.1 Introduction

2.2 Getting Started

2.3 Setup Menu

3. MPR Workflow

3.1 Materials

3.2 Specifications

3.3 Creating a Project

3.4 Master Production Record

4. BPR Workflow

4.1 Inventory

4.2 Requisitions

4.3 Batch Production Record

5. Advanced Topics

5.1 Room & Equipment Logs

5.2 Audit Log & System Reports

6. Document Management System

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