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These videos will introduce you to the advanced software functionalities. The Advanced Topic videos are largely an extension of the Setup/Administration Module, as they take you through the Room & Equipment Logs, Audit Log, and System Reports.

To follow along, click on the instructions used for this video:

InstantGMP Training Video Table of Contents:

1. Orientation

1.1 Orientation Parts 1-3

2. MES Overview

2.1 Introduction

2.2 Getting Started

2.3 Setup Menu

3. MPR Workflow

3.1 Materials

3.2 Specifications

3.3 Creating a Project

3.4 Master Production Record

4. BPR Workflow

4.1 Inventory

4.2 Requisitions

4.3 Batch Production Record

5. Advanced Topics

5.1 Room & Equipment Logs

5.2 Audit Log & System Reports

6. Document Management System

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