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This post about how quality matters at Supply Side West was written by Robert Pochadt, Director of Sales for InstantGMP. 

We are attending Supply Side West next week to check the real world quality situation in  the Dietary Supplements industry. We’ll bring note takers and our ears, please bring us your thoughts.

  • If you are a Sales or Business Development person, your customers will be asking you certain key questions about product quality. You might be new to the game and looking for a wise strategy in a regulated industry.  You might be launching a new product. You might be redirecting or giving it another try to do it right this time. You might be winning business deals on points of quality. You may be facing some special challenges characteristic to your product line or target market. There may have been recalls that have shaken up your product segment.  We want to know what everyone is asking you, and what can be done to better address the reason for the inquiry you experience.
  • If you are an Operations or Quality person, you are following some sort of quality and production process, automated or not, to manage you manufacturing under the requirements of Good Manufacturing Practices. You might be expanding, or under new ownership,  and decide it’s time to rethink the whole process. You might wonder what tools and services are out there now to do the regulatory legwork better. We want to know what you like and dislike about how you do this now, and what improvements in the area you think would improve your production life.
  • If you are a consultancy or a complementary line of business servicing the domain, it might be smart and timely that we talk about a partnering relationship. We actively market there every business day, but we can’t solve every problem or address every need we encounter with our own specialized GMP expert products. We also want to know what other services or products are impacting the industry. That’s where you come in. We’re team players and know this industry is expanding fast, and that requires a coordination of specialized skills as the challenges it faces grow more complex.

No matter what part of the country you are from, we want to put you and your business in a better state of quality. We’ll be there to dig into it, and we’re looking forward to hearing about your progress as we grow together.


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