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Supply Side West: Industry Insights, Quality and GMP

Our Supply Side West experience began with unique insights about the natural products industry. Trending topics at the United Natural Products Alliance and Dan Fabricant’s Keynote session included regulatory issues, contaminants, increased focus on claims and defining he word “natural”.

Fabricant pointed out that whether you like it or not, the U.S. government plays a huge role in the natural products. industry. With DSHEA author Senator Orrin Hatch retiring and a changing of the guard at the FDA, changes are to be expected. GRAS guidelines are being reviewed as are NDI guidelines. Contaminants are also a high priority, particularly pesticides and herbicides. Qualifying vendors and testing materials is more important than ever. GMP remains the “tool of choice”, according to Fabricant. If you didn’t record it, it didn’t happen. Be sure to follow your SOPs for qualifying vendors, record test results and keep those Certificates of Analyses organized!

There is a push for the industry to define the word “natural”. Currently, there is no official definition, which is confusing to consumers. It’s predicted that this may also tie in to the non-GMO label, which is still being defined.

These issues were echoed on the showroom floor. We found many vendors heard concerns from consumers about contaminants and the origin of the ingredients used in their products.Thanks to everyone who took time to discuss quality and GMP issues at the show!