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Scale Integration

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Scale Integration

Enhanced Accuracy

with Scale Integration

Precision in your manufacturing process is among the most critical factors in quality management. InstantGMP software’s scale integration functionality automates the process of weighing materials during batch production—giving you greater accuracy and confidence in your output.

Plus, when scales integrated into your software are used in conjunction with barcode scanning of labels for equipment and material, and badges for personnel, you’ll have real-time capture of data, permanent traceability, and reduced errors overall. Scale integration will:

  • Automatically capture scale weights and units
  • Eliminate transcription errors during material dispensing
  • With barcode scanning, automate capture of vendor lot #s, weights/units and signature time/date stamps in seconds, and link together key information:
    • Vendor lot #
    • Material name
    • Material part #
    • Material status
    • Receipt #
  • Instantly add “inventory use” information to a manufacturing step:
    • This becomes a permanent record in the Batch Records System “material use” transactions history, for full traceability
  • Record ALL information in the Equipment Use log:
    • Records what scale was used, by whom, at what time, in what step, to weigh which lot of material, for which batch number.
    • Data from each material use transaction feeds into printable system reports.

Integrated Equipment (where protocol already exists):

  • ACCURIS-W3300
  • AD-FG Series
  • Brecknell SBI505 indicator
  • Mettler:
    • FACT DeltaRange
    • Mettler Toledo PB303-S
  • RICE LAKE 420 Plus
  • Uline LP7510
  • Ohaus:
    • Ohaus Defender D15HR
    • Ohaus Defender D30HR
    • Ohaus Defender D50QLUS
    • Ohaus EX35001
    • Ohaus Ranger 4000
    • Ohaus 5000
    • Ohaus Ranger RD35LM

For more information about integrating your scales or other equipment, please contact us and we’ll be able to tell you if we have written protocols for your scale brand/model or if we need to create a scope of work. InstantGMP™ is flexible!  If you have unique needs, learn more about how we can help with customization or integration to fit your workflow.


Scale Integration

Equipment Integration

Ensure all systems work together with available custom programming

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