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Equipment Integration

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Equipment Integration

Reach Optimal Efficiency

With Equipment Integration

Your operation includes a unique mix of equipment, flow, systems and demands. That’s why equipment integration is a core capability of InstantGMP software. We know that your long-term success hinges on ALL your systems working together as seamlessly as possible. We encourage you to tell us about the equipment being used in your facility so that we can make recommendations on how to connect what you already have to InstantGMP.

Once we know your specific needs, we can provide quotes and timetables for connecting your equipment to your InstantGMP software solution. We’re committed to delivering you a personalized, customized, and interactive experience!


A unique feature of the InstantGMP software is an Internet of Things (IoT) platform available in the system. This allows for a network of devices and electronic equipment, sensors, actuators, and much more to be able to connect and exchange data for full integration with electronic batch records.

Any serial device or equipment with a serial I/O can be integrated with the InstantGMP IoT. The electronic batch records can interact with equipment for tasks such as requesting data or for opening and closing valves and circuits. IoT is a powerful platform, enabling:

  • Connected data to Batch Production Records
  • Improved quality through increased accuracy and reduction of transcription errors
  • Reduction of labor costs through automatic operations
  • Multi-layer encryption tied to specific software databases
  • Maximized uptime through Amazon’s Web Service (AWS)
  • Added traceability before, during and after production

On the technical side — need more integration detail?

Integrated Equipment (where protocol already exists):

Connecting Equipment

There are two ways that equipment can be integrated with InstantGMP: through a local connection or via a Web Device hub. The local connection requires a computer or other device to be directly connected to equipment while a Web Device hub is best suited for companies with multiple pieces of equipment scattered across a facility. (See this process in action for yourself by learning more about scale integration.)


Equipment Integration

Equipment Integration

Ensure all systems work together with available custom programming

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