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View and control your requisitions online, any time.

  • Only materials with approved specifications can be purchased
  • Specifications have to be established before materials can be approved
  • Only QA can change material status
  • Drop down lists ensure materials are only purchased from assigned vendors
  • Purchase history is always available
  • Amounts ordered for a material requisition can be converted to other units within the chosen measurement system
  • The system will assign a unique requisition number for each requisition created, and unique receipt numbers for each material ordered on a specific requisition order
  • Once a Requisition is signed and confirmed it cannot be edited.
  • The system will display a print icon yielding a PDF version of the requisition

InstantGMP™ offers SOPs for sale as sets or individually. SOPs that establish procedures for Purchasing include:

  • POL-0302 Vendor Selection and Qualification
  • POL-0307* Purchasing Requirements
  • SOP-100* Purchase Requisition
  • SOP-212* Program to Qualify Vendors
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