Inventory Control Series Part 2: Receiving Inventory

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Inventory Control Series Part 2: Receiving Inventory

In Part 1 of our Inventory Control series, we discussed qualifying suppliers and setting up specifications. In Part 2, Receiving Inventory, we establish best practices for receiving the materials into your dietary supplement manufacturing facility.

Following Good Manufacturing Practices means that all incoming materials must be accompanied by invoices or certificates of analysis. This paperwork must be visually verified while the materials are quarantined.

Materials must remain in quarantine status until samples are collected, tested and approved by quality personnel. Each lot of material received must be given a unique identifier along
with the product name, date and status (quarantined, approved or

Received components cannot be set to an approved status until they are tested by quality personnel.

Testing Methods
Scientifically valid methods must be used to determine if the materials meet established specification. Tests should include of the following:

  • Gross organoleptic analysis (smell).
  • Macroscopic analysis (visual analysis).
  • Microscopic analysis.
  • Chemical analysis.
  • Any scientific method that can establish the material’s identity.

How InstantGMP Helps
When inventory is received, InstantGMP MES automatically assigns a unique identifier and sets the materials to quarantined status. These components cannot be used in a batch until the they are tested, set to an an approved status and signed electronically by quality personnel. Additionally, invoices and certificates of analysis can be scanned and attached for easy retrieval by the staff. Watch this short video for more information on receiving materials using InstantGMP software: