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As the vaping industry grows, consumers quickly discover that they have many options when it comes to e-liquids and other vaping products. Companies that establish trust by creating a consistent, quality product will ultimately win out.

What is Quality?
Author and Consultant Philip B. Crosby defined quality as “the conformance to specifications”, meaning that quality is the ability to create consistent products. Consumers want to know what they are getting. They want to rely on you to provide a consistent flavor of high quality.

Why is Quality Important?

  • Once your company proves that they can make a product consistently, consumers will begin to trust you and recommend your vaping products to others.
  • Consistency ensures product safety.
  • Product safety ensures the safety of your customers.

How to Improve Quality
Documentation is key. Follow the mantra “Document What You Do and Do What You Document”. Establish a system of checks and procedures to follow when deviations in your manufacturing process occur. Many companies are moving towards electronic quality manufacturing systems such as InstantGMP Vape because of the ease of use, simple documentation procedures and the ability run reports.:

Request a demo if you’d like more information on how InstantGMP Vape protects the quality of your e-liquid every batch, every time.

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