Quality and SOPs in E-Liquid Manufacturing

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Quality and SOPs in E-Liquid Manufacturing

Quality in Manufacturing

Quality is a term typically used in the e-cigarette industry to describe flavor.  When it comes to manufacturing, it is something else entirely.  Quality is defined as meeting specifications.  This means that each time a product is made, it meets the standards set up by the manufacturer.  This ultimately assures customers that your product is safe and will be consistent in flavor every time they use it.

An essential element of a well-run e-liquid manufacturer is that they have and follow their own standard operating procedures (SOPs). Manufacturing SOPs form the basis of the company’s quality system. These procedures help staff to stay consistent and make products that are as pure as can be.

Manufacturing SOPs

Manufacturing SOPs describe general procedures for documenting master manufacturing records and individual batch production records. However, SOPs cover more than just how to manufacture a product. Other types of SOPs include:

  • Personnel SOPs – Describe the training process and job functions.
  • Facility SOPs – Provide information about the physical plant is to be constructed and maintained.
  • Material SOPs – Define how ingredients and final products are stored, inventoried, and moved around the plant to avoid mix-ups or contamination.
  • Safety SOPs – Describe how to handle and store hazardous materials.

Depending on the size of the plant and the complexity of the product being produced, there can be up to several hundred SOPs in a quality system. Each one must be followed to assure consistency and quality.

InstantGMP recently created a set of SOPs and Policies specific to the e-liquid industry. These SOPs and policies meet all published e-liquid manufacturing standards and are designed to work in conjunction with InstantGMP™ Vape.  Policies in this set include corporate policies, email policies, personnel policies, and more.

Request a demo if you’d like more information on how InstantGMP™ Vape assures the quality of your e-liquid every batch, every time.