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Quality is not free.

It implies that research went into the design of a product.
Take, for example, sewing. When a professional takes on the task of sewing a custom outfit by hand, he or she needs to take into consideration:

  • Design ideas.
  • Color combinations.
  • The pattern based on function, comfort and customer requests.
  • Time researching the fabric companies’ formaldehyde usage, and thread counts.
  • Time researching thread, scissors and other tools.

A custom, quality outfit sewn by hand takes a lot of time and could cost upwards of $150.


A casual sewer with an eye for design could ballpark measurements, use a single stitch and create a dress in a few hours.

Sure, there are benefits to each method. The outfit in the 2nd example might be done quickly and function just fine, but it won’t be the perfect fit. It won’t have the same level of quality as the outfit in the 1st example.  It certainly takes more investment of research time, QA, better tools and concentrated man-hours to create a quality product. This is why quality matters and, ultimately, why brand matters. It may not be free, but it is certainly worth the investment.

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