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In celebration of World Quality Month, members of the InstantGMP team wrote pieces on what quality means to them. This post was written by our Marketing Manager, Amy Howard.

Imagine you are in a restaurant. You order shrimp scampi and it is just amazing. The shrimp is fresh and the chef uses just the right amount of roasted garlic. A week later, you crave it again so you return to that same restaurant don’t even look at the menu, you just order the shrimp scampi. Your order arrives and to your disappointment, the shrimp is much smaller and the chef clearly went overboard on the garlic. An expectation was set on your first visit, but your second visit didn’t measure up, so you are unlikely to return.

Quality is about setting an expectation and meeting it time and time again. Qualifying your vendors is the first step – you cannot make a quality product without consistent and quality ingredients. Creating your own specifications and measurements for quality is another step, but quality is more than just about checking off a few boxes. To close the loop, implement a plan for revisiting your quality plan. Train and re-train your employees on practices that promote quality. Re-qualify your vendors at periodic intervals.

Creating a quality product not only gives your team a sense of pride, is it also essential to your bottom line. You’ve set a high expectation. Now you must meet it every time!


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