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Our Voices on Quality series for World Quality Month continues with a guest post from our partner, QuickLabel Systems. QuickLabel Systems makes digital, full-color in-house label printers for manufacturers seeking control, improved packaging, and increased savings through better labeling. Visit their website for information on labels, label printing and how a digital in-house label printer can benefit any business.

Flexibility, cost efficiency, and compliance with GMP standards and labeling regulations are achievable goals for any manufacturer looking to greatly improve the quality of their dietary supplements. With on-demand printing backed up with good labeling practices, dietary supplement manufacturers save money, time and greatly improve their products’ quality.

Increased Flexibility
Dietary supplement manufacturers carry numerous product formulations and unit sizes, and they must ensure that their production lines stay flexible. By printing their own labels in house, manufacturers can reduce inventory of pre-printed label stock for each and every SKU, while maintaining control over production time and cost. With the efficiency afforded by printing on demand, a manufacturer prints only the labels they need, only when they need them, and avoids large minimum orders of pre-printed labels for each supplement.

Worry-free Compliance
When printing supplement labels is easy and on-demand, a manufacturer can focus on creating an error-free label that is compliant and professional. While focusing on FDA regulations that are rapidly changing, manufacturers must be prepared to change their packaging and labels at a moment’s notice. Making changes to labels on-demand reduces the time it takes to approve and implement label changes, because it only takes seconds to print labels with an in-house printer. And when new changes and challenges arise, it’s easy to print prototype and sample labels for quick approval on any necessary changes.

Effectively Manage Recalls
With in-house printing, dietary supplements are labeled by the manufacturer, ensuring that changes can be made on-the-fly to avoid any delays due to errors, which can help lower the expense of recalls.

When there’s a recall on a dietary supplement for any reason, instead of having to destroy a stock of pre-printed labels, an in-house label printer ensures that the financial hit a manufacturer takes from printing new labels is minimal because there is no excess stock. Plus, because the manufacturer only needs to print the labels for those products that been recalled, the total impact of recall is reduced. Changes are made quickly, efficiently, and as-needed.

QuickLabel Systems: Labeling Experts with More Useful Information
QuickLabel Systems invented the in-house color label printer, and is staffed by labeling experts with decades of experience. For every industry there are useful labeling techniques that can save manufacturers time and money, and for every industry there is a benefit to discover that comes from owning a QuickLabel Printer. Find out more at


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