Update on Proposed FDA Regulations for E-cigarettes

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Update on Proposed FDA Regulations for E-cigarettes

Much to relief of the e-cigarette industry, the comment period for the proposed FDA regulations deeming e-cigarettes as tobacco products has been extended to August 8th. The reason for this the fact that they’ve received a lot of input from the industry and want to hear more. CASAA, the Consumer Advocates for Smoke-Free Alternatives Association, has been urging e-liquid manufacturers and shop owners to submit their comments and it looks like their efforts are working.

In addition to the extension, the  White House Office of Management and Budget changed some of the language of the proposed regulations, citing potential economic impact. Among the changes are:

  • Removed language banning online sales.
  • Removed language that would subject premium cigars to new regulations.
  • Removed language concerning safety and quality concerns in the e-cigarette industry, calling for more concrete evidence.

You can read and comment on the revised proposal on the Federal Register. Wondering when the new rules might take effect? Check out our FDA Regulations Timeline for our prediction!