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A typical Electronic Batch Record can contain valuable information. One consistently shared truth in business is that there might be key relationships that are currently unknown, yet to be found and appreciated. One needs to use an effective discovery tool to discover and better understand them. 

That’s why we at InstantGMP have GxQuery. Think of it as a sort of information laboratory, extracting and arranging captured SQL data from our InstantGMP PRO and other systems in novel, meaningful ways. 

GxQuery enables another shared truth…that top professionals are relentlessly curious. GxQuery is a highly configurable custom report writer that:

  • Helps identify operational trends
  • Organizes data to support critical operational improvements
  • Creates a higher level of ongoing analytical activities
  • Extends the value of our systems in actual use

One area where GxQuery could prove to be especially useful is in planning batch manufacturing. A typical Electronic Batch Record can contain much information. We’ve designed our Electronic Batch Record workshop for detailed, configurable data capture and calculation. Comparing EBR inputs across multiple batches through GxQuery can yield optimal “sweet spots”. These can drive process improvements that increase product quality and save time and money.   

Give us a call for more information.

Let GxQuery convert “curiosity” into productive “queriosity”.

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