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Online Inventory of GMP Materials

It is very important for any manufacturer to know the status and history of its inventory and track its GMP Compliant Materials. Many firms try to manage this process with spreadsheets or rely on their vendors to keep them posted. In either situation, a lot of time is involved in keeping up with their inventories. Using inventory control software is often a more practical approach and a good way of streamlining manufacturing operations.

Web-based inventory control software makes the most sense since data can be viewed or updated in real time, and anyone with security clearance can see the information. Some inexpensive web-based inventory control software systems let you customize your reports and make quick decisions based on the latest inventory information. Only InstantGMP provides an inventory control system that is 21 CFR Part 11 compliant, comes with SOPs for inventory control, and has GMP requirements hard coded into the software to make meeting FDA regulations quick and easy. Since it is web-based, any authorized person can view or make entries online from any location.

An advantage this system provides is that biotech companies can use this system to keep updated on inventories at various vendors. For example, if the company has API at multiple sites to be used for different purposes, the entire inventory picture can be seen at any time at any site.

The InstantGMP™ inventory control system provides a complete record of all inventory use and history. InstantGMP™ is a hosted service that is fully validated and operates through a web browser, so there is no need for installation, integration, or validation on the client’s servers. This makes implementation easy and affordable.

A video demonstration of the inventory control system can be viewed in our Resource Center Videos.