Oklahoma Joins the Medical Marijuana Green Rush

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Oklahoma Joins the Medical Marijuana Green Rush

Last week, the heartland state of Oklahoma opened applications for the state’s brand new medical marijuana program and thousands answered the call. On the first day alone, more than 1,600 companies and individuals submitted applications after the system went live.

By Saturday evening, more than 634 businesses applied and Oklahoma received more than $1.5 million in application fees according to Oklahoma’s New 4.

Oklahoma voters came in droves to support landmark legislation. The bill was so widely supported that advocacy groups and lawmakers worked together to ensure that the medical marijuana program hit the ground running with sensible regulations. However, one issue of contention centered on smokable marijuana and whether it should be permitted.

Both health groups and the Oklahoma State Board of Health issued a ban on smokable medical marijuana. Patients could grow their own smokable cannabis at home, but smokable cannabis would not be permitted to be sold in dispensaries.

Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin signed revised regulations that did not include a ban on the smokable cannabis, but did remove a rule for dispensaries that would require an on-site pharmacist.

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