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Angelo Nardone, InstantGMP, Inc.’s Chief Technology Officer, recently presented InstantGMP™ software‘s Internet of Things (IoT) platform and covered how devices like equipment, network devices, sensors, actuators, and much more can be leveraged within the software suite. These integrated pieces of equipment are fully connected to several aspects and modules within InstantGMP™ to provide a smarter, more controlled environment. The data is exchanged between Master and Batch Records, as well as the Inventory Management feature. There are several benefits with using the IoT within InstantGMP™:

  • Fully connected data to Batch Production Records
  • Improved quality through increased accuracy and reduction of transcription errors
  • Streamlined operations for the reduction of labor costs
  • Automated updates to equipment logs
  • Each instance of InstantGMP™ has multi-layer encryption tied to that specific database
  • Maximized uptime with Amazon’s Web Service (AWS)
  • Elimination use of equipment outside of calibration, cleaning, and preventative maintenance periods
  • Added traceability before, during, and after production
  • Company and facility specific equipment integration

Data security is a high priority in the age of smart technology. Within the software architecture, so tokens are used with Client ID to register devices and confirming registration before communication is allowed to proceed. Angelo showed how the Device Message Envelope Package works with the Device Communication Package to gather information about the device type, the device message, the status, and checks the request against the response. Each device has a unique communication requirement so that a unique communication protocol is developed and associated with each device. This process protects security and ensures reliability.

When used, a user command is sent from the server-based software to a gateway, then sent to the device, which in turn sends a response back to the application. The user immediately sees the real-time result of the response and uses this information to proceed with operations. Throughout this process, routine error checks are performed to ensure that the correct data, associated with the correct equipment, gets logged into the database.

Get in touch to see the sophisticated abilities of the Internet of Things (IoT) within InstantGMP™ by signing up for a live demonstration!

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