NicQuid Selects InstantGMP MES to Assure Consistent Quality

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NicQuid Selects InstantGMP MES to Assure Consistent Quality

Ohio-based NicQuid is a true visionary in the e-liquid industry. They were among the very first to start asking quality-related questions. Those questions turned out to be the right ones to ask, since NicQuid now rates as one of the top 12 e-liquid brands according to Vapor Digest.  To keep their quality consistent and to assure their products are made with the best of good manufacturing practices, NicQuid selected InstantGMP MES as their manufacturing execution system because of its GMP workflows and quality checks built into the software.

“InstantGMP MES has made production data access easy, organized, and company-wide, which allows us to work with order lead times so that the quality of our service can match the quality of our products,” says James Weaver, VP of Sales at NicQuid. “InstantGMP MES captures important vendor and ingredient information, so we can be confident that everything we put into our product is approved before it is used and that it comes from a trusted source. In this way, we can continue to offer the product quality we promise our customers, time after time.”

The e-liquid industry, seen as a possible successor to the tobacco industry, is experiencing a revolution as regulators struggle to keep up with the technology. While the landscape shows fast-paced activity in all directions, quality remains king.

Already there are standards-based organizations (AEMSA), steady expansion of retail and manufacturing capacity, and publicized product comparisons. E-liquid producers put the onus on manufacturing to ensure product quality and consistency once a flavor becomes popular.  This is especially critical as the industry continues to expand and more competition enters the space.