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V3.018.001: Enhancements in MPRs, BPRs, Equipment Scheduling and Requisitions

New Personnel and Action tabs on MPR and BPR allow external user collaboration Any user…

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V3.017.001: Enhancements in MPRs, BPRs, QuickBooks Data Transfer and Requistions

Our Configurable Master Production Records and Batch Production Records now include all .pdf and .doc…

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V3.016.001: Quality of Life Improvements include New Features in Shipping Manifest, Inventory Management, Quality Management and More

Requisition New Features Include a new function that has been added to the requisition process.…

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v3.015.001: Shipping Manifest feature allows selection of Shipper, Receiver, Materials to be shipped and a PDF manifest to be created

A Shipping Manifest documents what is being sent and to whom with traceability to the…

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V3.014.001: Vendor Management, Vault and new Personnel Types

A New Vendor Management Feature Provides a portal where vendor activities such as qualification or…

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V3.013.001: Learning Management System, Metric Integration and BPR Access Features Add Connections to System

A newly integrated Learning Management System allows on-line autonomous training and automatic updates to Training…

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V3.012.001: Material Requirement Planning and Automated Reports Added

A new sub-module called “Material Requirement Planning” with multiple planning functionalities was added Ensures materials…

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