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A newly integrated Learning Management System allows on-line autonomous training and automatic updates to Training Logs.

  • An integration with a Learning Management System (LMS) has been established. This feature allows users to set up curricula in their InstantGMP Training Log that can include documents, videos, presentations, and quizzes. When the training is completed, and the quiz is correctly finished, a Training Certificate is automatically added to the Training Log.
  • The training can be done autonomously by the trainee as an online course.  This frees up their supervisor’s time since they would not need to administer the course and the examination.  The LMS takes care of the training and updates the Training Record.
  • Overall, this feature reduces the costs and time needed to train and onboard employees—enabling the fastest possible transition and ramp-up to productive employees.

Metrc Integration – California

  • An integration with Metrc in California has been established as part of our batch tracking software, InstantGMP™ TNT.  This is a cannabis track & trace solution for licensed California operations that was designed to meet the regulatory requirement that all licensed producers must record their cannabis transactions in Metrc.
  • Purchasing and inventory use and adjustments are fully integrated with Metrc.  This ensures you can operate at top efficiency with full compliance with state regulations. You’ll achieve the top levels of organization, traceability, batch quality, and the transparency you want, the compliance you need, PLUS a game plan for success with reduced recall risk.

Batch Record Access

  • A new training feature provides a way to limit an operator’s access to only the batch production records where they have been given permissions.
  • Only users who have been assigned to a specific Project can see the Master Production Records and the Batch Production Records that are associated with that project.
  • Operators are prevented from working on unassigned batch records, which increases their productivity and decreases their potential for making errors.
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