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It’s hard to find master manufacturing formulas on the internet even though there are as many formulations as there are formulators.  We think it’s because almost all dietary supplement formulations are kept as trade secrets.  We decided to take a new, open approach to master manufacturing formulas and to provide some examples of master batch records that could be used for commercial scale production.  We think this information can give dietary supplement manufacturers who are new to the business a “jump start” in getting some scientifically designed master formula into the market place.
Many formulations are the result of trial and error or shot gun approaches which often are good enough, but we like formulations that employ the “art” of science.  We engaged the formulation development experts at PharmaDirections to apply their expertise to some common dietary supplement products. Since they are schooled in biopharmacuetics and physical pharmacy they have some advanced knowledge they can use when developing pharmaceutical formulations.
We invite you to see what these scientists have created at the new “Master Manufacturing Formulas” section of the InstantGMP Resource Center. Other resources include copies of our Master Manufacturing Formulas for production of vitamin and calcium tablets.
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