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Innovative Formulations, a new dietary supplement manufacturing company, picked the InstantGMP MES manufacturing execution system to meet the challenge of ensuring that the quality of their products would be top-notch right from the start.

Cary, NC – Innovative Formulations started their new dietary supplement manufacturing company late last year. As part of their business strategy, they picked the InstantGMP™ MES manufacturing execution system to handle their electronic batch records and other manufacturing operations.

Getting it right from the start is a challenge for any new business; that was of utmost importance for start-up dietary supplement producers Innovative Formulations (Dalton Young 870 754-9890). Under deadlines, not only
was the IF team tasked with securing and testing new equipment to make products, but also ensuring, from the very beginning, the quality was top-notch while being produced under strict GMP guidelines from a
vigilant FDA. Innovative Formulations picked the InstantGMP™ MES manufacturing execution system to meet these challenges.

InstantGMP™ MES gives us end-to-end visibility and control in creating and working our formulations,” said John Rozkiewicz, co-owner. “We began our manufacturing with total confidence in the consistency of our
products from batch to batch. With InstantGMP™ MES, we know we are offering our customers a quality certified product every step of the way, from the checking of ingredients that come in our door to the
approved yield that we ship out of it”.

“InstantGMP™ MES provides a guided step-by-step process for production, with GMP at work in the background,” adds Brenda Deary, Quality Manager at IF. “This is an expanding industry. We run a GMP operation here. Our users don’t have to be GMP experts themselves to be compliantly productive with InstantGMP™ MES. And the cloud-based format is ready and available wherever we are, so we can continue to concentrate on what we do best–be responsive to our customers and turn out trusted product “.

About InstantGMP™
InstantGMP™ develops web-based manufacturing software that meets GMP and 21 CFR Part 11 requirements. The software systems were built using a quality-by-design approach where the standard operating procedures were written simultaneously with the program. The software streamlines every step of the manufacturing process to produce products with electronic batch records.

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