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Message from an InstantGMP User

We love to hear success stories from our customers! Here is a message from an InstantGMP User who especially values the Quality initiatives the software provides:


I hope all is well with you. I see that you continue moving forward with the electronic batch record system, InstantGMP. It is a great tool and I am sure that now is even better than when I used it. The system can save a company thousands of dollars a year as it prevents documentation mistakes.

I have seen numerous investigations due to a missing entry in a batch record. Having human supervision in the traditional way does not ensure that batch record pages will be reviewed promptly and that any errors will be caught before the end of the shift. Your electronic batch record system does prevent incomplete documentation at the end of each shift. This is a powerful feature.

There will be a lower number of investigations and there will be a lower number of CAPAs required. It significantly reduces man hours in certain quality issues (reviews, discussions, employee interviews regarding the event, additional training, firing of some employees, approvals of investigations, tracking of issues, delays in product releases etc.). It is indeed a powerful feature.


Laura Valdes-Mora