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InstantGMP, Inc., the company behind the affordable all-in-one manufacturing and quality software solution InstantGMP™ PRO, announces the release of its newest cutting-edge Material Requirements Planning (MRP) feature. The MRP feature is a game-changing addition to an already powerful software solution that is taking regulated industries by storm.

Every manufacturer within pharmaceuticals, biopharmaceuticals, biotechnology, and biologics knows that compliance with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) for batch production is a tenuous process ripe with opportunities for issues. Non-compliance with regulations, human errors, inventory miscounts, duplicate purchase orders, and production interruptions are some of the issues that these companies face, and they are easily avoidable. A feature within the InstantGMP™ PRO software solution, the new MRP feature, eliminates these issues.

Other software scatters important workflows across a non-intuitive and inefficient interface, and InstantGMP™ PRO differs in major ways. The MRP feature, for example, connects several facets of production, like purchasing, staging, scheduling, receiving, and quality checks.

InstantGMP, Inc.’s Material Requirements Planning (MRP) takes the production planning process and puts it all in one place so that companies can focus on manufacturing.

The MRP feature benefits companies because it:

Ultimately, the MRP feature within InstantGMP™ PRO is a must-have for any company looking to improve compliance, decrease waste, eliminate costly disruptions in production, and streamline manufacturing and quality processes.

Learn more about the new MRP feature by getting in touch with Melissa Gammell, Debbie Young or Robert Pochadt.

About InstantGMP, Inc.

InstantGMP, Inc. is the brain-child of pharmaceutical veteran Dr. Richard Soltero and is the creator of the affordable all-in-one manufacturing and quality software InstantGMP™. InstantGMP™ organizes and manages production processes and benefits companies by improving batch quality across several industries: biopharmaceuticals, biotech, cannabis, CBD, cosmetics, dietary supplements, e-liquids, hemp, herbal products, kratom, and medical devices.


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