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InstantGMP™ automatically adds part numbers and controls materials throughout the system. This manufacturing execution system automatically generates and tracks the numbers that are assigned in various stages of material control and manufacturing, and assures that your materials and batches are made in compliance with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).


Allowing the system to generate the required numbers will let you manage all of the Master Production Records or Master Manufacturing Formulas with traceability to all of the raw materials and components used in the batch.

  • Manufacturing Execution System controls all materials’ attributes
  • Part numbers assigned automatically to each new material or component
  • Specifications have automatic version control
  • When a requisition to purchase a material is completed, a Requisition # is generated
  • When requisitioned material is received a Material Receipt # is assigned
  • Incoming materials in inventory can be tracked by Part #, Requisition # or Receipt #
  • When materials are used in Master & Batch records
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