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There’s lots of information on the internet about the benefits of supplementing your diet with calcium. What’s missing is information on how to manufacture calcium tablets. Our partnership with the formulation development experts at PharmaDirections has allowed us to provide master manufacturing formulas and master batch records for some common dietary supplements like calcium tablets. Our master manufacturing formula includes a Bill of Materials, sometimes referred to as the recipe, which has a complete list of the ingredients and raw materials needed to make calcium tablets fortified with Vitamin D.

The first components are the source of calcium. An oyster shell granulation is used which is a commercially available product that can be ordered from companies like Huber or Nitri Granulations. This has directly compressible, free flowing granules that provide the majority of the calcium supplement. Calcium is also provide from the calcium carbonate that is another one of the ingredients.

In our master manufacturing formula, additional raw materials are added to improve the product’s characteristics. Microcrystalline cellulose is used to improve flowability. Crospovidone is used as a tablet binder. Other ingredients are used to improve disintegration such as Emcosoy. This is an all natural superdisintegrant that is also a dietary fiber. Besides making the product more available for absorption, Emcosoy provides a natural source of fiber. Finally stearic acid and magnesium stearate are used as lubricants to reduce friction during the compression process.

The master manufacturing formula process includes the weighing steps, the equipment needed for production, blending, compression and coating.  The entire set of manufacturing instructions in electronic batch record format are available at: MPR# 5245 Calcium Tablets.

A Cost and Pricing Model for these Calcium Tablets is part of the InstantGMP™ MES manufacturing execution system.  This model provides an easy way to calculate the costs of their products at different
manufacturing batch sizes and to figure out how much to charge for private label or contract manufacturing work.

Other examples of dietary supplement formulation are available at the “Master Manufacturing Formulas” section of the InstantGMP Resource Center. All of their products can be made using the InstantGMP™ MES electronic batch record software.

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