InstantGMP Adds New Reporting Feature To Its Software

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InstantGMP Adds New Reporting Feature To Its Software

manufacturing software with customizable reports

InstantGMP enhances its manufacturing software solutions with a customizable report writing feature.

CARY, N.C. January 24, 2023 – As the creators of the all-in-one solution to capture your manufacturing, inventory, and quality data, InstantGMP looks for ways to improve our software to provide customers with the best experience possible. 

With the latest release of InstantGMP PRO, we now offer our customers manufacturing software with customizable reports. 

To enhance our software’s data analytical capabilities, now includes as a new feature: GXquery

GXquery was developed by GeneXus (the 4th generation language (4GL) software we use to write our code). It is a tool that enables users to create reports for reviewing, analyzing and interpreting all manufacturing information stored in the InstantGMP database. 

Using the GXquery feature, manufacturers can:

  • Easily generate Structure Language Query (SQL) queries to obtain the specific data they need to create reports. 
  • Use the provided information to create detailed graphs, pivot tables or other preferred presentation formats that allow users to more easily view, analyze and interpret the data. 
  • Export graphs, pivot tables and other presentation formats for inclusion in reports.  

After collecting the data, users can easily and efficiently identify trends, write annual Quality Reports, create Statistical Process Control Charts and much more. 

“Over the years, we’ve received requests from our customers to include a feature to help them simplify their report writing process,”said Dr. Richard Soltero, President of InstantGMP. “By including GXquery in our software, we provide our customers with a customizable report writer that can quickly and easily access any of the information stored in their database and present it in their preferred format. Plus, it lets users ask additional questions and gather insights out of their information.” 

While other stand-alone report writing software is available, they are typically offered at a much higher price point – and may not be compatible with existing Manufacturing Execution Systems.  

InstantGMP provides this new software feature to all of our customers at no additional cost.

To learn more about this new feature or any of InstantGMP’s manufacturing software solutions, please contact our team.

About InstantGMP™, Inc.

Founded by pharmaceutical industry veteran Dr. Richard Soltero, InstantGMP, Inc., offers affordable all-in-one manufacturing and quality software. The company develops cloud-based electronic batch record software and standard operating procedures specific to industries that are required to follow FDA manufacturing regulations and Good Manufacturing Practices (“GMP”).  

As a manufacturing software company, InstantGMP™ pioneered accessible, easy-to-use electronic batch record software for products manufactured using GMPs. The Company’s updated software simplifies the documentation and approval procedures for quality processes that keep all quality documentation organized in electronic format while providing for quality checks and workflow processes to make compliance with FDA requirements easy.